The Vault provides you with excellent security, great convenience, and absolute peace of mind whether storing your caravan, motorhome, boat or car.

If it’s worth storing securely then it’s worth storing in The Vault.

Storing your vehicle.


Upon arrival at the site pull up to the gate and allow the number plate recognition system to log your details. The gate will open automatically – please allow the gate to open FULLY before pulling through. The first time you arrive at The Vault staff will be on hand to explain everything to you.


Unhitch your caravan or trailer on the drop off point (clearly marked) before moving it to your storage plot. Please move caravans with the caravan mover and park ‘nose out’ to help with manoeuvring safely. Note we do not accept caravans without a caravan mover fitted.

Motorhomes and cars please reverse park.


You need to have two sets of keys so we can have one and you keep one. This allows us to move the vehicle should the need arise.


You can come along at any time to clean, vacuum, polish, or load your vehicle – and use the 240v points around the site for power whilst doing it.

If you store your motorhome with us you can store the car you came in on your plot whilst you take your motorhome away.

‘House’ Rules.

We want to provide an exceptional service for the very best clients and vehicles. To that end we have a few minimum standards we expect from our clients.

  • Caravans must have a fully functioning motor mover system fitted.
  • Vehicles are expected to be kept clean and presentable whilst stored.
  • We expect all vehicles to be serviced / maintained annually – this does not need to be with our sister company Greentrees CaravanStore, but we reserve the right to be choosy about certain mobile servicing companies being on the premises – please check before storing with us.
  • Vehicles should be checked by the owner from time to time and generally stored ‘ready for use’. For example: batteries charged so that the vehicle can be moved if required.
  • If you do not live locally please call our team as we can advise or assist you in many cases.

Payment types.

We have two ways you can pay for your storage contract. The contract is a 12 month agreement unless you opt for our Short Term Storage Contract, this is more expensive and has a maximum of 6 months storage within a 2 year period.

The cheapest way is to pay the full annual amount upon setting up the agreement. This is automatically collected each year – a reminder is emailed to you prior so you can opt out without incurring admin charges. You can opt to pay quarterly but it works out a little more to do so.


Contact us to change your level of storage, whether upgrading or downgrading – it’s strictly subject to physical plot availability. We allow one just one upgrade or downgrade per year.

On-site facilities.


There are two charging zones on site. Using advanced intelligent charging techniques, your can trickle charge your battery, cleanse boost it, or fully discharge and recharge it ready for use. You can even lock your battery in place if you bring a padlock.


We provide a dedicated drop off zone which also doubles as a wash down zone. We provide cold water and hose and a hard standing for you to wash your vehicle. You can bring your own pressure washer if you wish.


Platinum customers receive a professional valet to wash down their vehicle, including the roof, every two months.

Professional chemicals and techniques are used so you get a careful wash down with the very best clean. TekWax wax coating is available as a cost extra.

Ending your storage contract.


Simply wait for your renewal date. We will contact you 35 days in advance so you can give the 30 days required written notice in time.


Alternatively you can give us 60 days written notice of termination at any time but you will still be charged the remainder of the annual contract. This is taken in one amount within 7 days of receiving the written termination.